F.A.Q.  Headlight Armour & Armour Glaze
Q.  Has this treatment any toxic elements?
    A NO only the “White Spirits” may effect some people White Spirits itself is non-toxic.

Q.  Will  the “Armour Glaze” discolour?
    A. No- other kits on the market do discolour, because their enamel Clear-Coat melts with minimal heat.

Q  How thick does the Armour Glaze need to be on the plastic or polycarbonate?
    A. The lens should look wet -only two microns thick.

Q.  How long before the Glaze is touch dry?
    A. On a 20deg day, its touch dry in 20 minutes.

Q. When is the Armour Glaze fully dry?
    A. Completely dry in 72 hours.

Q.  How long does it take to treat the H/light lens?
    A. The first one will take 15 minutes, but the second lens will only take 10 minutes including clean-up.

Q.  How long before I can drive my car?
    A. Minimum ½ hour-longer the better.

Q.  Why is this reducing “Land Fill” [Recycle-Reuse-Reduce]?
    A. Many automotive service centres would have replaced the yellowed/dull headlight assemblies with new or second-hand units,
  • then disposing of the bulky units into “Land-fill”.

Q. Does the “Headlight Armour”  Kit come with any  guarantee?
    A. Yes-the Kits have exactly the same products use by our certified applicators.
  • If a vehicle displays a decal/sticker with the Headlight Armour “TICK” our office will assist to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Q. Is the guarantee available Australia wide?
    A. Yes the guarantee covers any vehicle headlight that has been protected with Headlight Armour, and is displaying the "TICK" sticker to confirm          that. Resupply is available to all destinations, however reworks are limited to mainly in Cities with growing availability in townships.

Q. What if my headlight has dirt or an insect fly accidently onto the glaze before it dries?
    A. Easy-just wet and wipe the affected area with turps using a clean rag, then reapply more Armour Glaze to the affected area.

Q.   How do we clean road-grime and splattered insects away?
    A. Just clean the headlight as you would the duco/paint in the adjacent area, also polish the H/lights as you would do the rest of the duco.

Q. Is this “Australian Headlight Treatment” of a Quality-Standard suitable for a Mercedes Benz, BMW, or LEXUS?
   A. Yes-treated Headlight-Lenses STAY-CRYSTAL-CLEAR, usually for the life of the vehicle.

Q.  Is it a cost effective method to STOP- yellow/cloudy lights?
  • The “D.I.Y. Kits” sell for $66. Plus postage,
  • On-site treatment from $55. Per H/light
  • Never need to replace your lights, unless there’re broken.
  • Retains a higher resale value
  • Improves the appearance, when the wheels & headlights are shining, the vehicle looks great.

Q.   Can we do the repair in the hot sun?
    A. Shade is better- it helps the water and Glaze to dry evenly.

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