Q.    Can headlights be restored?
A.    Absolutely YES. The Australian Headlight Treatment kit, lets you remove all the degraded material to regain a clear lense. Then it is coated with "Organic Glaze" which provides a UV Stable, High heat resistant and durable coating.

Q.    Yellowed headlights are unsafe?
A.    YES, cloudy, dulled, yellowed headlights, significantljy reduce the amount of light being emitted from the headlight.
Each state has required standards for vehicles.

Q.    Does  "Organic Glaze" contain any toxic elements?
A.    NO.  only turpintine

Q.    Will  the “Organic Glaze” discolour?
A.    No "Organic Glaze" will not discolour. Some other kits on the market do discolour, because their enamel Clear-Coat melts with minimal heat.
Q.    How thick does "Organic Glaze" need to be on the H/light Lens?
A.    Achieve the wet-look covering.

Q.    How long before the "Organic Glaze" is touch dry?
A.    On a 20deg day, it is touch dry in 20 minutes.

Q.    When is the "Organic Glaze" fully dry?
A.    It reaches full hardness/cure in 72 hours.

Q.    How long does it take to treat/repair the H/light lens?
A.    The first one will take around 25 minutes, but (beacause you have already done 1) the second lens will only take around 15 minutes including clean-up.

Q.    How long before I can drive my car?
A.    "Organic Glaze" needs to dry for a minimum of ½ hour, but the longer it can be left to dry the better.

Q.    Why is this reducing “Land Fill” [Recycle-Reuse-Reduce]?
A.    Many automotive service centres would have replaced the yellowed/dull headlight assemblies with new or second-hand units, then disposed of the bulky units into “Land-fill”. Therefore restoring the headlights is recycling/reusing the headlight and reducing land-fill.

Q.    Is the 5 Year guarantee available Australia wide?
A.    The guarantee applies to application carried out by certified applicators.

Q.    What is the shelf life of the Organic Glaze?
A.    Unopened is 2 years, here's a Tip- before replacing the cap, blow your breath into the bottle to remove the oxygen.
if the liquid is thickening add a drop of turps.

Q.    Will the Organic Glaze affect the rubber around any lamp?
A.   It's good for rubbers & plastics, when dry, the rubber will not be glued to the lens, you can coat the rubber for a uniform finish.

Q.    How do we clean road-grime and splattered insects away?
A.    Just clean the headlight as you would the duco/paint in the adjacent area, also polish the H/lights as you would do the rest of the duco.

Q.    Is “Organic Glaze” of a Quality-Standard suitable for a Mercedes Benz, BMW, or LEXUS?
A.    Yes- Lismore Mercedes Benz -service,  use "Organic Glaze" 

Q.    Regards “Road Worthy Inspections”, is this a cost effective method?
A.    Very much so, when the cost of rejuvenating a pair of headlights is compared to having them replaced with new units.
  • The “D.I.Y. Kits” sell for $52, including postage.
  • On site 2U Mobile service from $55. Per H/light.

Q.    Any opportunities for starting an independant business?
A.    Yes- you may purchase our Organic Glaze, to use with your equipment/assesories. We have a starter pack available with instructions.

Q.    Can this process only be used for headlight repairs?
A.   This system can be used to rejuvenate, spot lights, indicators, tail lights, visors, caravan screens, etc, so long as they are not glass.
Headlights treated, headlights restored.