Technical support
For advise on how to restore your headlights, TXT a photo to 0413 534 794.

  Headlight Restoration-ORGANIC GLAZE


            1       Raise the bonnet to improve access to headlight lens.
2       Mask around headlights, using tape provided, to prevent accidental scratching of surfaces.
3        Use sandpaper (marked “1”) to remove degraded/yellowed material.  Use lots of water to wet the sandpaper & the light.
          TIP you cannot sand the polycarbonate too much, more is better, think “grip to slip”.  the first rubs will grip, the more you rub the more the sandpaper slips on the surface. Try to get the same slip feel over the entire light.
4        Repeat step 3 using the sandpaper (marked “2”).
5        Repeat step 3 using the sandpaper (marked “3”).
6        Repeat step 3 using the sandpaper (marked “4”) to ensure that the headlight is completely clear.
7        Inspect the headlight for any damage, chips, scratches etc. If any are found, use the sandpaper to sand these out.
Repeat steps 3 to 6.
8        Wipe with a clean rag to remove any residual materials, pay attention to joins, rubbers etc.
9        NOTE the surface temperature of the area to be treated must be above 15°C. If temperature is below this, simply run the headlight for a minute or two to raise the surface temperature, apply a generous amount of “Organic Glaze” to the top area of the headlight.
10      Using the applicator provided spread the “Organic Glaze” over the entire headlight, using a circular pattern, add more “Organic Glaze” if needed to ensure a good covering on the headlight.
11      Repeat the process for the other headlight.
12      Remove masking-tape wipe the surrounding area clean of any water marks.
13      Allow to dry for at least half hour before operating the vehicle.
14      Allow to dry for one day before washing with detergents etc.
15      The job is now finished, however If a glossier finish is desired on the headlights, wait a minimum of 24 hours, wipe with a clean damp cloth to remove settled dirt etc, apply another wet coat evenly over the area. The drying times in instruction 13 and 14 will then apply.

Important: If a cloudy finish is evident after treatment, this indicates that the headlights were insufficiently sanded. To rectify, allow the treatment to fully dry, then repeat the complete process, ensuring that the headlights are completely free of all degraded material, before reapplying the “Organic Glaze”. If the liquid thickens just add a drop of turps.
Headlights treated, headlights restored.