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  Headlight ARMOUR with Pre-Clean
  1. Raise the bonnet to improve access to headlight lens.
  2. Mix 10ml of “͞Headlight Armour Pre-clean” in 500ml of clean fresh water. Use this mixture to clean the headlights.
  3.  Rinse with clean water until there is no indication of any detergent remaining on the surface.This is essential for achieving an excellent result!
  4.  Allow the headlight surface to completely dry.
  5. NOTE the surface temperature of the area to be treated must be above 15°C, 
      simply run the headlight for a minute or two to raise the surface temperature.
   6. Apply a generous amount (approximately 1/4 of a bottle) of ͞”Headlight Armour” to the top area of the headlight. 
       Using the applicator provided, spread the ͞”Headlight Armour” over the entire headlight  using a circular pattern,
       add more ͞”Headlight Armour” if needed, to ensure a good covering on the headlight. Mop up any runs immediately.
   7. Repeat the process for the other headlight.
   8. Allow to dry for at least 1 hour before operating the vehicle.
   9. Allow to dry for one day before washing with detergents etc.
10.  TIP;  keep the remains of this treatment, to repair future scratches or scruff marks-
                 Just reapply at any time, if this organic liquid is still runny it’s good to be used.
Headlights treated, headlights restored.